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support services

Support and Consultancy

RCUK prides itself on exceptional customer service for both the private sector and our corporate clients, with outstanding after-sales support.

Out of hours private appointments are available to all RCUK business and corporate clients, in which your dedicated account manager can visit you at your convenience to discuss your ongoing requirements.


RCUK Bureau is a review and management service designed to take the daily hassle out of your telecoms portfolio; allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, leaving us to do what we do best.

Your dedicated Account Manager will handle all your queries and liaise directly with the network until resolution.

The RCUK Bureau team are an award-winning customer service team offering a personalised service from A-Z.

Fraud Monitor Service

Telephone fraud costs over £100 billion a year globally and with over £750 million per year in the UK alone, this is now one of the largest sources of UK fraud.

Should hackers gain access to your landline or hosted telephone network and route calls illegally, they can rack up thousands of pounds of calls in just a few hours. Usually they call premium rate and international numbers, leaving you and your business vulnerable and liable to pay a hefty bill.

At RCUK we are committed to protecting our clients’ interests and security, therefore your business will be automatically Opted In to the RCUK Fraud Monitor Service.


RCUK Protect has been launched as a additional service to RCUK’s growing service portfolio. Customers will receive protection for their devices and as a bonus, a cash back will be offered if no claims are made in a 24-month period.

Virtual Receptionist (VR)

Does your business experience peaks of high incoming calls?

Are your customers frustrated when they have to wait in long call queues?

Do potential  customers call after hours or when your office is closed?

RCUK VR (Virtual Receptionist) was introduced to overcome these issues by temporarily assisting businesses when they are receiving a high volume of incoming calls during working hours, when they are out of the office, or after hours.

Signing up to RCUK VR means you will have access to all our services. We will not only answer your calls, we can manage diaries and appointments, process orders and payments, and generally assist your clients as though we are based in your office.

Our investment into premium technology enables your RCUK VR to forward information to you, even BEFORE the caller disconnects the call with us.

RCUK VR offers a free 2 week trial to determine your average call volume; based on the outcome we will propose a competitive fixed monthly rate. Additional services are charged at a per hour rate.

RCUK VR is available 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.


With RCUK branches in London, London NW and Manchester, we are ideally situated to cover your requirements nationwide. If you are local to one of our retail stores, feel free to pop in.

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say what?

We’ve all been in this situation, just landed in an international destination, phone or data not working, panic… What do we do? NOT WITH RCUK!! One phone call to my account manager, within 15 minutes the issue was resolved; to me this is vital for any business. Maxi has trained his team to respond in real time, we are ever so grateful.

David Margulies (Director)
rcuk David Margulies (Director)