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international services

International Global Rentals

One of RCUK’s major areas of expertise is serving the international traveller.

Our extremely popular and cost effective phone and SIM rentals – suitable for a wide range of international destinations, GPS systems and modems – covers Europe, USA and the Middle East.

So RCUK can guarantee you a hassle-free experience.

We sell International pre-paid SIM cards and refills for many countries from the RCUK retail outlets in London, London NW and Manchester and are also a leading supplier to many dealers across the globe. (The RCUK exclusive credit-card sized SIM card holder fits neatly in your wallet and provides the perfect finishing touch).

International SIM Cards and Refills Cost-slashing Roaming Solutions and Diverts

The ability to cut roaming fees has been a priority for RCUK – and with the introduction of divert services, many customers are now able to save significantly on their incoming roaming calls.

Now, our roaming SIM cards and dual SIM phones have slashed operator roaming fees by up to 70% and make international calling a breeze. The RCUK global pin-less calling solution has also been a great hit, offering both pre-paid and post paid solutions to suit everyone’s needs.

With RCUK branches in London, London NW and Manchester, we are ideally situated to cover your requirements nationwide. If you are local to one of our retail stores, feel free to pop in.

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say what?

‘In addition to using RCUK’s exceptional Mobile and Telecom Services, we also regularly make use of their international rental service.

We have found RCUK’s international service to be the most cost effective way for us to travel and is always delivered in the most professional manner possible’.

Michael Just (Managing Director)