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other FAQs

By using this service, what can I expect to save on my phone bill?
This very much depends on which country you are travelling too, but it can be as much as 85% which is quite considerable.

Can I use data on your International Rentals?
Yes, in most instances. Select our Live Chat or our Call Back Service from this website for additional information and clarification. Remember if you are using your own handset, it will need to be unlocked to be used with any network. RCUK can assist you with this service too.

How long does a repair take?
This is dependent on Handset and type of repair required. Usually 3 – 14 days. Select our Live Chat or our Call Back Service from this Website for additional information and clarification.

Is it worth repairing my phone at all?
In many instances yes, it depends on fault, handset and how close you are to coming out of contract. Complete the Repair Requirements form for more information.

Do you record calls?

Customers are advised that calls may be recorded for training or quality purposes.

As part of our ongoing Customer Service Charter to our clients to provide excellent Customer Service; it is imperative for us to train and supervise employees to help them achieve quality targets.

As we are a Telecommunications company, calls may also be monitored to ensure there is no misrepresentation or miscommunication between our Sales Advisers, Customer Service Agents and our Customers and to keep a record of what has been said in the event of a subsequent dispute.

Our employees have been advised that calls may be monitored and they will make every endeavour to ensure that Customers are notified.

Do we need to inform you that calls may be recorded?

It is not a requirement for companies to make Customers aware that calls may be recorded; provided calls are not shared with a 3rd party company; however as our Employees have been informed that calls may be recorded, silently monitored or intruded into at any time; they will make every effort to advise you.

When is it not ethical to record calls?

It is considered unethical for someone else, for example a competitor, to bug RCUK’s or a customer’s offices or telephone lines in order to learn commercial secrets. The 3rd party would not have been part of the original call and would not have notified that the call was being recorded.

UK law rightly makes such third-party interception, where neither party to the call knows that the call is being recorded, illegal.