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mobile FAQs

How do I set up my voicemail?

02: Dial 1750 followed by pressing the SND button (the button that you press to make a call). If you have a voicemail message, your phone will either call you (you will see 901 calling), or you will receive a text message. To listen to your messages, please dial 901 and press the SND button.

Vodafone: Dial 121 from your handset and you will receive instructions on how to set up your voicemail.

T-Mobile: Voicemail is set up and ready to use on T-Mobile phones. If you experience any problems using voicemail, please call 222 from your handset where you can listen to recorded advice.

Orange: Voicemail is already set up and ready to use on Orange phones. A spool symbol will appear on your phone every time you receive a message. To listen to your messages, press and hold the 1 key on your phone (which is the answer phone key). Or, alternatively, you can dial 123.

3: Voicemail is already set up and ready to use on Three Phones. A spool symbol will appear on your phone every time you receive a message. To listen to your messages press and hold down the 1 key on your phone (which is the answer phone key). Or alternatively you can dial +44 7782 333123.

Virgin Mobile: Voicemail is normally set up and ready to use on Virgin Mobile. Dial 1 from your handset for recorded information on how to use your voicemail service.

Network Customer Service Phone Numbers:

O2: 0870 2410 202

Orange: 07973 100 150

Three: 0870 7330 333

T-Mobile: 0845 412 5000

Virgin: 0845 6000 789

Vodafone: 0870 0700 191 (Contract)

Vodafone: 07836 191 191 (Pay As You Go)

My phone has been lost/stolen, what should I do?
First and foremost – you must bar your line. To do this, call your Service Provider (see above). You should also find out if your Service Provider has you insured for a replacement.

I’ve entered the wrong PIN number and locked my handset, what should I do?
If you put your PIN into your phone three (3) times incorrectly, the SIM card will become blocked. You must contact your Service Provider’s customer service and ask for a PUK code. The agent you speak to will give you the number and talk you through entering it. Take care when entering your PUK code. If the code is entered incorrectly ten (10) times, it will not be possible to unblock your phone and you will require a new SIM card.

Can I port my existing number to my new phone?
Yes, it couldn’t be easier. Any Contract or Prepay mobile number can be transferred as long as you are moving from one network to another. Simply follow the steps below: 1) After placing your order with RCUK, contact your current Service Provider to request your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). 2) Once you have received the PAC code, contact your new Service Provider. You will need to give them the temporary phone number that has been assigned to your new phone, the phone number that you want to keep, and the PAC code.

How long will it take to port my number?
Porting your existing number takes seven (7) working days from when your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) has been supplied to your new Service Provider.

Who should I call if I've got a query with my bill?
You need to contact your Service Provider if you have a billing query as these are the only people who can access your account details. You will find the correct number at the top of your bill.

How can I pay for my order?
RCUK accept Visa, Mastercard, Delta & Switch, charges are only made to credit cards/debit cards once your order has been processed and is ready for dispatch.

I'm expecting a refund, how long will it take?
If the refund is going onto your debit / credit card, it normally takes up to seven (7) days to refund the money. Cheques should be dispatched within fourteen (14) working days.

Is your website secure?
Yes. Our online ordering system is hosted on a digital SSL server which uses industry approved security, SSL encryption, which encompasses the highest level of data protection available. All payments are done via Barclaycard Merchant services on their secure SSL server.

Do our prices include VAT?
Yes. All prices listed on our site include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Why doesn't the battery last as long as expected on my mobile phone?
To get the most out of your new battery charge it for at least 12 hours on the initial charge (do not exceed 24 hours). It will still take a further 3 charges before the full capacity of the battery can be achieved. Only use the battery standby talk time as a guide. These times are provided by the manufacturer, and are the optimum the battery can achieve within laboratory conditions.

How do I replace my lost/stolen mobile phone if I have no insurance?
If you are still within the minimum agreement period or you have a pre-pay phone, you will have to buy a SIM free mobile phone alternatively your Service Provider may provide you, for a fee, an emergency replacement. You will still be liable for the monthly line rental even if you do not have a mobile phone.