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broadband FAQs

My broadband is down, what checks should I do before contacting customer services?

  1. Turn your router or modem off for five minutes and then turn it back on.
  2. Ensure all your devices that require a phone socket are plugged into a micro filter. Micro filters are supplied with your router or modem.
  3. Make sure that your micro filters are plugged directly into the telephone socket and are not connected via an extension lead.
  4. Replace any micro filters you’re using within your Office/home.
  5. If you lose your broadband service please wait for 30 minutes, as most outages only last for a short duration.
  6. If you connect to the internet wirelessly, ensure that your router is within range of your computer. If the signal strength is low, this can cause connection problems.
  7. If you need your configuration settings for your broadband please email: with your phone number the broadband is on and we will respond within the hour.
  8. If you need your wireless password to connect a laptop or other computer to your network, you can find it on the bottom of the router we supplied you with. If we did not supply your router, please check with the manufacturer of the router.
  9. If you have a broadband fault and need to call us, please ensure that you are beside your computer when you call. This will enable us to carry out effective fault finding to ensure you’re back online with a minimum of inconvenience.
  10. If you’re using wireless from your laptop, ensure that your wireless capability is turned on. This can easily be turned off without your knowledge, as it’s usually a switch on the side of a laptop.

What broadband speeds can I get at my premises?
There are a number of variables to consider, the best solution is to get in contact and we will carry out the checks for you.