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broadband services

RCUK Business Broadband services have been designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses.
They offer high speeds and low costs, backed by a respected UK-based support team 24 hours a day.


ADSL is standard broadband as you know it. Generally with a maximum download of 24MBPS and an upload of up to 1.3MBPS. This is the traditional broadband found across the UK in most small businesses and homes.


If you are not getting enough from just the one ADSL and fast high speed fibre is not available at your exchange, RCUK can bond 2 or more ADSL together to allow for more capacity and allow for a more stable broadband experience.

Fibre Optic (FTTC & FTTP)

Fibre Broadband uses fibre optic cables to provide much higher speeds for download and upload compared with standard ADSL, whilst maintaining its affordability. With 2 options available, download of up to 40MBPS and upload up to 10MBPS or download of up to 80MBPS and upload up to 20MBPS, and dependent on what is available at your exchange, RCUK can provision as per your precise requirements.

Leased Lines

Gives you a dedicated high speed fibre line from the ISP directly to your premises with up to 100MBPS download and up to 100MBPS upload. If your business needs consistent high performance all day, every day, then Leased Lines is the choice for you.

Static IP

Broadband, regardless of the type you choose, can have a static IP address – for example, if you have remote connection CCTV, or if you need a static IP address at home or at the office. RCUK are able to offer as many static IP’s as you would need to suit your individual requirements.

With RCUK branches in London, London NW and Manchester, we are ideally situated to cover your broadband requirements nationwide. If you are local to one of our retail branches, feel free to pop in.

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As a start-up company, RCUK have been invaluable to Edgeplan Ltd in providing a bespoke telecommunications service including broadband, landline, mobile and other telecom requirements. It really helps to have someone to deal with directly and who understands your requirements, rather than having to rely on call centres to get things done.

Steve Edgeller